Lasnamäe Ice Rink




Tondiraba Park

Price list

Skating (60 min)

  • Season pass (ticket+skates) 99
  • Mon-Thu Fri-Sun
  • Ticket 6 8
  • Discounted ticket* 4 6
  • *4-15 years of age and seniors

Equipment rental (60 min)

  • Figure skates, hockey skates 8
  • Skates nr 24-50 4
  • Skating aid Bobby 5
  • Skating aid 2
  • Helmet Free
  • Feel free to use your own skates


  • Gift card 10/15
  • Skate sharpening 10
  • Socks/Gloves 10
  • Locker* 3
  • *losing or breaking the locker key 10

Spending time in the fresh air makes you feel good and does wonders to your health! In order to make sure that skating is safe for all of us, we have taken additional measures to stop the virus from spreading:

1. Upon arrival at the ice rink, please follow the guidelines for moving around and keep a social distance. Hand sanitizing stations are available for use near the ice rink ticket booths.

2. Starting from 14th February, visitors no longer have to present a COVID certificate. More information about the restrictions

3. We recommend wearing masks at the ice rink service area. Masks can be purchased from the ice rink ticket booth.

4. We recommend purchasing your tickets from the Skate Park e-shop to reduce the time spent in the queue.

5. If possible, please visit the ice rink outside the rush hour: 10:00-12:00 or 19:00-21:00.

6. Please act responsibly and stay at home if you don’t feel healthy. This way we can enjoy skating during the whole winter!

The Skate Park team is grateful that you understand the reasons behind these rules. Let’s all stay healthy and joyful!