Nõmme Ice Rink


Open 10:00-21:00

Price list

Skating (60 min)

  • Season pass from 99
  • Mon-Thu Fri-Sun
  • Ticket 6,30 8,40
  • Discounted ticket* 4,20 6,30
  • *4-15 years of age and seniors

Equipment rental (60 min)

  • Skates nr 24-50 4,50
  • Figure skates, hockey skates 9
  • Skating aid Bobby 5
  • Skating aid Free
  • Helmet Free
  • Feel free to use your own skates


  • Gift card 10/15/25
  • Skate sharpening 10
  • Socks/Gloves 5
  • Locker* 3
  • *deposit, losing or breaking the locker key 10

The lovely pop-up skating rink in the Nõmme Gymnasium courtyard is looking forward to welcoming you on the ice in mid-November to mid-March. The Ice Rink is open every day, regardless of the weather, as the ice rink uses special refrigeration equipment. It also provides skating fun for everyone when the temperature is above zero.

Cozy lighting and moody music under the pine trees of Nõmme provide everything you need for an unforgettable skating experience!

The emotions you feel at the Skate Park can’t be compared to anything else – you’ll remember this fairy-tale experience for the rest of your life!