Jeti Ice Rink

Price list

Skating (60 min)

  • Season pass from 99
  • Ticket 9
  • Discounted ticket* 7
  • *4-15 years of age and seniors

Equipment rental (60 min)

  • Skates nr 24-50 4
  • Figure skates, hockey skates 8
  • Skating aid Bobby 5
  • Skating aid 2
  • Helmet Free
  • Feel free to use your own skates!


  • Gift card 10/15
  • Skate sharpening 10
  • Socks/Gloves 5
  • Locker 3
  • Losing or breaking the locker key 10

Skating for schools (60 min)

  • Ticket+skates+skating aid 7
  • Online booking:

  • Ice rink rent 599


Just when it feels like you’ve been to all the fun places there are to go, Jeti Ice Arena’s skate disco offers you an experience like no other! The disco lights that color the ice and great music help you let go of everyday problems and relive your childhood fantasies.

Skate Disco for companies

For booking, please contact us:

If you’re looking for an activity for your employees that is suitable as a team-building exercise, that brings people together and that is fun at the same time, then we have the solution – the skate disco!

Skate disco is fun and can be adjusted to suit your team’s needs. It is perfect for groups of 30-150 people.

We provide the necessary equipment and a rink booked and lit just for your team. Instructors teach dance moves seen in ice dance shows, or you can just glide along to the music. If necessary we can help to organize entertaining games or small-scale competitions.